How can you explain in one sentence what this exhibition is about, and how do you communicate about the Old Masters in a contemporary way? ‘Turning Heads’ displays 76 study portraits painted by Rembrandt, Rubens, Bruegel, and others of common people. They are studies of grimaces, light interplay, and costumes, which were then used in […]


In July 2024, the Olympic Games will take place. Our mission is to encourage Belgians to cheer for Team Belgium. The collective strength of all Belgians empowers our athletes. A scientific study conducted by sports psychologists reveals that cheering improves an athlete’s performance by up to 8%. This is why we’ve developed a Belgian victory […]

Radio 1

Words were invented to help people to understand each other. So let’s listen to them. People have never been so connected. Radio 1 wants to, and can, truly connect people. Not through fleeting thumbs-ups, hearts, or 280 characters, but through our ears. Because truly listening to each other pays off.

Special Olympics

How do you give athletes with intellectual disabilities the attention that every athlete deserves? With a clever digital idea and an equally smart communication strategy, we changed society’s perception. The Special Olympians now had a platform in the media. We provided them with an audience, sponsors, and volunteers. And last but not least: they finally […]

Choo Choo

How do you launch Choo Choo, the BAS (Belgian Advertising School) pop-up agency specializing in Gen Z language, culture, and trends? By proving that you speak and understand their language. The youth version of the Lord’s Prayer, ‘Onze Bro,’ quickly became a social media sensation from the Antwerp Sunday Mass. And while DJs and even […]

Vivaldis Interim

Vivaldis Interim’s mission is to provide a full-time job of joy. How do you make this mission come alive within the organization? And beyond, because an inspirational company culture attracts new talents. Together with Vivaldis employees, we created a culture book, affectionately known as ‘The Yellow Book.’ In it, we brought its mission, vision, values, […]

Radio 1

How does a radio station bid an appropriate and solemn farewell to one of Belgium’s greatest artists, Arno Hintjens? By turning that farewell into a moving and heartfelt tribute. We created an emotionally gripping installation and film that garnered attention across all media, even finding a place on the late singer’s social media channels.


With the launch of the new term ‘Winkelhier’ (Dutch wordplay on ‘shop here’ and ‘shopkeeper’) and the corresponding label, our goal was to raise awareness about shopping at local businesses. Before starting this project, we wanted to make sure that people realized the consequences of not buying from our Belgian businesses. That’s why we got […]


How did Opel grab all the attention at a time when everyone was clamoring for it, at the Brussels Motor Show? With a new product that’s relevant to the lives of their target audience and a testament to the purpose of this family car brand. By involving people in the creation of that product, an […]


At SnowWorld, you can enjoy all the most exciting mountain activities, just like in Aspen, Les 3 Vallées, Sölden, or Arlberg. That’s all in the broadest sense, from paragliding and skydiving, to climbing and ice karting. Not after a 10-hour drive, but in no more than an hour. Not at 2,000 meters above sea level, […]